Business Registration Service

Our professional services are available for all type of registration of businesses with the following to offer:

In Business Registration Service-
  • Type of Ownership Structure of the business entity.
  • Type of Legal Structure of the business entity.
  • Government policies which may have effect on the specific type of business structure.
  • Formation of company (single member company, private limited company, public limited company and foreign company.
  • Guidance on formation of subsidiary company, branch office, liaison office or joint venture.
  • Guidance on the formation of partnership concern, trust or NGO.
  • Guidance on all type of legal issues and court matters relating to the business.
  • Registration of National Tax Number (NTN), Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN).
  • Registration of patent, copyrights, trade mark or brand of business entity.
  • Registration of WEBOC.
  • Professional services to get Licenses, Permits and NOC for different regulatory bodies.
  • Listing of Company in Stock Exchange.
  • Legal services relating to drafting of business agreements.
  • Advice on Employment legislation, employees old age benefits, pension funds, provident funds and social security contributions.
  • Advice on all types of compliances & planning’s under the various Corporate Laws.
  • Obtaining approvals/permissions/sanctions /registrations from Regulatory Authorities.
  • Guidance and assistance in identifying and optimizing various concessions, reliefs, exemptions in obtaining approvals/permissions/sanctions /registrations from Regulatory Authorities.
  • Guidance and assistance in formulating various policies, procedures and manuals relating to Human Resource (HR), Accounts and Operations.
  • Guidance and assistance in maintaining various statutory records and documentation.
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